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The Person behind BardMedia Music

Music has played a varied and important role in my life since childhood. Being surrounded by musicians and instruments, music and song, it all feels like such a consistent part of my being. 

I first 'noticed' music in the
Looney Tunes cartoons and grew up wanting nothing more than to learn a string instrument so I could play the music!

Later came the movie that first woke me to cinema:
JURASSIC PARK. It is impossible to imagine my life without the influence this one film had on me.

From that moment I began to ask myself who this man was that made the music, even exploring CD's I use to listen to all the time only to learn that John Williams had been there my whole life without me knowing.

Writing music, being a musician, doing anything in this industry of craft and creativity I think takes a large amount of bravery, something I haven't always had.

Music comes from such a different place... more ephemeral... from some place outside of ourselves. In this way, writing music is really like translating or giving voice to something that already exists exterior to us and yet isn't spoken through our language. When I write music my goal is always to find that music that gives voice to the intentions of the project.

In this way I feel different as a composer and offer something unique: a perspective that is my own, a voice which is unique and yet familiar, and a sound that I continue to learn and craft. 

I hope you enjoy my music and welcome you along my journey with me!

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