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BardMedia Music

Music is an amazingly powerful tool for communicating ideas and creating shared experiences! Done right, music and sound articulate meaning in unspoken words directly to every listener, impacting the listener deep within their emotional core. Music and sound have this magic to take fantasy and to bring the audience into a moment.

My goal as a composer is to use the artistry of music and sound design to create a sense of seamless connection between the experience and the observer, gifting believability and authenticity through craft and creativity.

Thank you for taking time to stroll through my digital portfolio and blog highlighting my compositions, my sound design / audio editing, and my performances! I encourage you, if something speaks to you or you'd like to hear more, reach out to me as I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for Visiting!

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"Without John Williams, bikes don’t really fly, nor do brooms in Quidditch matches, nor do men in red capes. There is no Force, dinosaurs do not walk the Earth, we do not wonder, we do not weep, we do not believe."

Steven Spielberg

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